Hearts Without Homes: Dalton

Meet Dalton. He's a 13 year old, 7th grade, energetic young man who has all the dreams and aspirations in the world...but would love to have a Mom and Dad to guide him along the way.

A day at Family First had him jumping around and beat boxing...and telling Action News 24 what he'd like most about being adopted.

He would like to have brothers and sisters, his favorite food is pizza, and loves to play soccer, football, and wrestling.

Dalton isn't all just fun and games...he knows when it's time to hit the books and study.

"I want to be a physicist. I like math and science and want to work in that," said Dalton.

He likes animals and if adopted, he'd have anything from a dog to a parrot.

Could you be the one, to give his heart a loving home?

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