Hearts Without Homes: Jeremy's New Life With A Family

Back in March 2011...Jeremy was working on his goal to be an auto mechanic and hoping two people would grant his greatest wish...to be adopted and to have a family.

Since the segment aired...Jeremy got what he needed. Debbie and Roy Applebee welcomed him into their lives...and very large family.

"He came here and everybody just accepted him. He just blended in as a member of the family from day one," Debbie said.

"That was my biggest wish for Christmas was to have a family and now I've got one," Jeremy said.

After 12 years of living without children in their home...adopting a teenager was exactly what the Applebees wanted.

If you think adoption would be a good fit for your family...contact: 

Family Services of NW PA 
5100 Peach Street  Erie, PA 16509-2482
(814) 866-4500

You call could make a child's dream come true.

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