Hearts Without Homes: Meet Fred

- April 23, 2013 - When families think about adopting, they often search for infants, but we can't forget about the dozens of teenagers in the Erie area that are in need of a permanent home. Here is just one example. His name is Fred. Fred is your average 16-year-old and he loves playing basketball.
I had the opportunity to shoot around with Fred and the Erie Hurricane during one of their practices at the YMCA in Harborcreek. The team welcomed Fred with open arms and made him a part of the team by giving him his own jersey. Basketball is just one of his many hobbies. Fred also enjoys singing - he's a big fan of the TV show “Glee” and recently sang a pop song at a talent show. But what Fred is looking for is a home with a family, a mom and dad, and siblings.
He truly needs someone who can take the time to nurture his spirit and guide him on his path as he quickly grows from a teen to an adult. He has goals of going to college and getting a job. If you are ready to bring Fred into your family please call Family Services of NWPA at 866-4500.

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