Hearts Without Homes: Young Austin

Most little boys love playing and running around outside, But most of the time it's more fun to have someone chase you, like a mom or dad.

As we get older, a lot of times we forget how fun it is to play on the swing set, chase bubbles or even eat a Happy Meal.

Today I felt like a kid again when I hung out with Austin.


Austin is a five year old, energetic little boy who loves to run outside and do what boys do.

Austin enjoys playing games and is very curious to explore anything he can find.

Like most kids, Austin loves Happy Meals from McDonald?s and finding the toy inside, but don't worry, he didn't forget eating.


"Hey Austin what are you eating??


?What is it??



After having lunch, it didn't take long for me to find out what he liked to play with.


"Hey Austin, do you know what these are??


?What are they??



Austin had fun showing me how he could blow bubbles.

Sometimes he was silly and even got a little too close.

On a more serious side, Austin would very much like to be adopted and have a family.


"Austin, would you want a brother or sister??



He adjusts really well when he has the chance to build a trusting relationship.

I only met him today and we had so much fun.


Carrie Fuhrer, a child and family therapist, says, "Austin has a wonderful personality. He has a very good ability to build relationships with people and to identify his interactions with the interaction of the people around him. So he really wants to be taken care of by an adult and to have somebody specific to look forward to take care of him."


Austin loves someone to read to him.

His favorite color is red.

He runs to the TV anytime Dora the Explorer is on.

He even likes to eat fruits and vegetables along with mac and cheese.

But it would be so much better for him to have a family to share it with... Austin is just one of many hearts waiting for your home.

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