Heroin Outreach Program Aims to Help Community

- MAY 1, 2014-- It’s a drug that many people don’t believe is in our area but officials from the Attorney General’s office say that it's a potent drug that is devastating our youth. Speakers at tonight’s program spoke from experience about how addictive, dangerous and deadly. Heroin can be. More than 60 people came out to a heroin outreach event to hear personal stories of how drug abuse has affected people locally. Amanda Vickey has been clean for two years now and is sharing her story in hopes that other people will learn from it. She shared emotional details of how heroin almost took her life and everything she cared about. Amanda says she didn’t start using drugs until she was 21 years old. She shared the hardships she endured while detoxing and talked about losing her kids as a result of her addiction. Amanda says all it took was one time and now she has to work everyday to get her life back to normal. The program hopes to educate the community and parents so they know how to prevent addiction and get users the help they need. They also had local organizations on hand to answer questions about the addiction services they provide.

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