Investigation Continues After Gannon Student Dies


Abrielle Brynda was found unresponsive on Saturday afternoon outside of the building where she was last seen. The coroner reports there was no trauma to the victim that could have caused her death. An official cause of death is pending toxicology results. At a news conference today, police say no disagreements or evidence of wrong doing have been presented at this time. Family and friends searched for Brynda on Saturday before finding her just before 4 pm. The police are continuing to investigate. They have interviewed around 25 people who were inside at the party when Brynda went missing. Her last contact was reportedly at 3 am Saturday morning with her friends who were at the same party.

Gannon statement:

As classes resumed, we continue to grieve the loss of our student and classmate Abbie Brynda. Our hearts were warmed by the way that the Gannon University family came together yesterday at Sunday Mass in the Chapel. In times of difficulty such as these, we don’t always have the right words to offer, but prayer and compassion rooted in faith can be a warm light in time of darkness.


Pending final reports and lab results, the current information from the coroner’s office strongly indicates that Abbie succumbed to the cold and her death was the result of hypothermia. We continue to hold in prayer the Brynda family as they come together to make arrangements for the funeral of their daughter.


The national organization of the Tri Sigma sorority put forth the following statement: “The Epsilon Delta chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma is deeply saddened and heartbroken over Abbie’s passing. We’re thankful for the support of those who attended the campus memorial service held on Sunday morning in Abbie’s honor. We will always remember her as a generous, caring member of Tri Sigma as Abbie was active in our efforts to promote service on campus and within the community. The chapter is composed of a group of strong women who together, will lean on each other for support as we attempt to overcome this devastating tragedy.” 


Echoing the above statement, I would add my thanks to all of the, students, staff, faculty and administrators, who came together in these days to bring support and comfort to one another.  I know that you will continue to be a source of strength to those who have been touched by this tragedy, especially Abbie’s friends, classmates and sorority sisters.  


Gannon is a community that cares for its own.  With faith and with love, we will remain a strong Gannon family.  May the love of God, which transcends the death we mourn and the loss we endure, keep Abbie forever young in his kingdom, and keep us strong in the service of love to one another.



In God’s Peace,

Keith Taylor, Ph.D.

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