Is Religion On The Decline?

- For Christians around the world, Easter is one of the most religious holidays, but is Easter celebrated the same way it was a generation ago?

We asked a number of children today, whats Easter all about.
Out of the 8 children we talked to, 6 knew very little about the holiday except it's a day to spend with family and the Easter Bunny.

Some others did know it's the day Jesus rose from the dead.

Some surveys show religion is in steep decline.
In 1990, eight percent of Americans had no religious affiliation.
In 2010, that figure stood at 18 percent, or 25 million people.

So why is religion on the decline?

Some of the adults we spoke to said there's been a culture shift, so the church doesn't hold the same importance it did a generation ago. Others blame the lack of time to spend at church, or both parents working.

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