Job Fair a Success Despite Fight Breaking Out

- March 29, 2014

Dozens of people fighting just outside of a youth job fair Saturday results in a teen in police custody and another person being taken to the hospital. However, it didn't stop most from excelling at what they came to the job fair to do.

Erie police officers were called to break up a group of people fighting outside of the Booker T. Washington Center. Police had to use mace to break up fighting.

Mothers Against Teen Violence organized the youth job fair for people ages 15-25, hoping to help young people succeed. Several hundred people remained inside, talking with local businesses and colleges and applying for jobs. Despite the fight that happened between about a dozen people, hundreds benefited from the job fair and MATV CEO Sonya Arrington says the group will continue to do good things for the community.

She also says turning a negative into a positive is important and that one group cannot ruin a good thing for everyone else involved. Some people were hired on the spot and it was successful job fair overall.

Erie police say us one juvenile is in custody and will be charged with assault. Police say they are still investigating and more people may be charged.

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