Judge Domitrovich's Attorney Speaks Out

July 8, 2014 - One day after an area judge was hit with a series of ethical charges for alleged misconduct in the courtroom, her attorney is speaking out. Judge Stephanie Domitrovich's attorney, Leonard Ambrose, said they have been aware of these pending charges for a while now. Ambrose called the charges petty and meritless.

Judge Stephanie Domitrovich is charged with six counts of judicial misconduct but Attorney Leonard Ambrose said these accusations are completely false.

In a sit down interview today Ambrose said Domitrovich was being targeted by a select group of people in the judicial system. He also cited that the complaint picked out only a few cases that intentionally shine a bad light on her 25-year-long career.

The complaint states that Domitrovich was critical, impatient and disrespectful in the courtroom. Ambrose said each judge operates differently and for these charges to be filed against a woman who has done so much for the community is wrong.

The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board asked the court to suspend Domitrovich with or without pay. Ambrose does not support that idea.

Judge Domitrovich has time to rebuttal, state her case and come back to the court with reasons why this is devoid of merit.

Ambrose said it is unclear how long the process will take, but Domitrovich will stay on the bench

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