Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation to Close Monday

June 27, 2014- It’s the final chapter for a foundation that has raised funds to create new cancer fighting treatment.
The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation was created back in 2008.
This Monday its doors will close for good.
Official say the foundation reached its goal of raising enough funds to pay for research of the Kanzius Noninvasive Radio Wave Treatment.
The foundation was started in Erie businessman John Kanzius' final days.
Kanzius was diagnosed with a rare form of b-cell leukemia.
He looked toward a new form of treatment.
So, he created the Noninvasive Radio Wave approach, a form of treatment that has worked in multiple animal studies.
Over the past six years the foundation has raised $17 million dollars and garnered national attention.
Although this is the end of the foundation, Mark Neidig and many others say this is a new beginning.
The remaining funds will go toward three organizations including the Regional Cancer Center of Erie, Regional Cancer Center in Fort Myers and Baylar College of Medicine.

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