Kanzius Foundation Announces Next Chapter in Saga

- May 20 2014- In a news release posted early today, Kanzius Foundation Executive Director Mark Neidig announced the Foundation will be ceasing operations as of June 30 as the research proceeds toward human trials:

"Today is a historical day. A day that the cancer community is celebrating as the Kanzius Foundation announces they have funded all of the research necessary to take the Kanzius RF technology to the FDA and initiate human clinical trials. As a result, we will be closing our doors on June 30, 2014."

Neidig Said further information will be presented at a news conference this morning at 10 AM.

This is the text of a letter from the Foundation published this morning:

"Letter of Appreciation to the Cancer Community

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in the war on cancer. This is a day that John Kanzius dreamed about. This is a day that millions of people from Erie to Sanibel and from California to Maine have been working so hard for and waiting for with such great anticipation.

Today affirms the end of the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation as you have known it. Today, as a Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce that our organization will be able to close its doors on June 30, 2014.

In just a matter of weeks, our research team led by Dr. Steven Curley and AkesoGenX, owners of the technology patents, will submit an application to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to initiate human clinical trials. The Kanzius Foundation has funded all of the research necessary for Dr. Curley and other investigators to prove that the technology works and to begin the first phase of trials. We have successfully completed our mission.

None of our advancements in cancer research or in seeing John’s dream come closer to fruition would have been possible without the commitment you have demonstrated to the project – that amounts to over $15 million dollars in donations.

While support has come from across the country and literally from around the world – it all started in the regions surrounding Erie, Pennsylvania and Sanibel, Florida – where John worked, lived and retired. These are communities that John loved and communities that loved John. But, regardless of where you are from or the size of your gift, each one mattered greatly and gives you reason to celebrate.

Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation has reached the peak of its progress and, with your passionate and generous financial support, has funded all of the research of the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment necessary to launch human trials. Under the direction of AkesoGenX and the constant guidance of our lead researcher, Dr. Steven Curley, this noninvasive, side-effect-free treatment will continue to advance toward John’s ultimate goal: "a better way" to treat cancer.

Remaining true to our mission and the cancer community we serve, after closing on June 30th, the Kanzius Foundation will grant all of its remaining assets and donations to three newly created funds at the Regional Cancer Centers in Erie and Fort Myers and at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Each fund, bearing the name of John Kanzius, will provide resources for the institutions to conduct human clinical trials. These funds will also provide new platforms for you to continue to contribute philanthropically in the years to come.

For the past six years, we have been humbled by the support and commitment of our tenacious followers and devoted constituents. The closing of our doors is a reason for celebration and a sign of hope. It’s an announcement that we’ve always dreamed of making.

On behalf of our national Board of Directors and the millions of cancer patients and their families around the world whom we serve, thank you for believing "a better way" is possible. Today is your day!

Very Truly Yours,


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