KLN Granted Sewer Line Extension for Expansion

- Last Thursday, a no vote from the Waterford Township Water and Sewer Authority almost put a stop to KLN Family Brands expansion on the old Troyer Farms plant.

The snack food company needed a sewer line extension for its planned 18 acres expansion. The authority originally voted that down. Now the Township Supervisors are removing the Township Water and Sewer Authority from the developers plan. The Supervisors said the Township Water and Sewer Authority is mainly a financing authority and should only make financial decisions not operational decisions. Officials say when the authority was created there had to be a resolution or ordinance to specify which projects the authority would proceed with. The controversial topic led to township supervisor, Flory Kondzielski to say the development plan would be detrimental to the township. But after a two to one vote tonight the authority was removed the developers plan. Now, the project can move forward. Many community members came out to the meeting to support KLN saying the area needs these jobs.

KLN officials say it was a bumpy road, but they are happy with the results from the meeting and are looking forward to moving into Waterford.

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