Lakewalkers Reminisce About Crossing A Frozen Lake Erie

- This winter the ice has been the thickest we have seen it in years..

This has many people asking two Erie residents to talk about their experience of walking to Canada...

For two Erie men walking on water became a reality when they crossed the border on foot.

Craig Latimer and John Ziessenhiem beat cabin fever back in what they call the frigid winter of walking across Lake Erie to Canada.

With this years cold winter it is the first time in years the lake has again completely frozen over.

It brings back memories for them..

The pair ventured out onto the ice after john said they should give it a shot.

They started walking from Lake City to Long Point Canada..

It was a thirty eight mile journey that took them more than twenty hours to complete.

They thought the adventure would only take them until 6 p-m but actually took them until 2 a-m.

Craig and John said they didn’t really think through how long it would take them and they only had a few snacks in their bags.

When we asked them if they would ever consider doing it again they both agreed 'no way'

And they said advice for people wanting to try it would be to talk to them before taking those steps.

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