Lebron is Back, Fans Weigh in

- July 11, 2014 - Ditching the palm trees and tropical weather, Lebron James has decided to come back home, making the big announcement today that he will - once again - be a Cleveland Cavalier.

Of course, with that being our closest NBA team, some people here were just itching to bring back out the old number “23" jerseys that they made sure not to get rid of when Lebron said goodbye four years ago.

And now, some are ready to take the king back, with open arms.

For some people, like James Markley, Lebron's return is a beacon of hope for Cleveland sports.

And as Markley searches for the latest Cavalier gear at Sports Obsession at the Millcreek Mall, the folks working there are already expecting to see an increase in people stopping in to get the latest Lebron gear.

Not to mention, Lebron Heat gear is now on the clearance rack at Sports Obsession.

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