Lifeline Response Program

- Correction: The first gentleman in the video was incorrectly identified as Peter Cahill and should have been identified as Joe DiFuccia, EVP of Agility Marketing.

If walking to your car at night, or along a dark street has you scared someone may be lurking in the shadows, there is an app you can download on your smart phone or Android.

The app is called Lifeline Response, new technology that has the ability to pinpoint where assaults happen, down to what building, floor and even what room.
The app works like this.
When you activate the app, the Lifeline insignia will appear on your phone’s screen.

When walking to your car, or down a dark street, you keep your thumb on the screen. If at any time you lift your thumb from the screen for more than a few seconds, an alarm will be sent to Agility Marketing in Erie. Call takers there are able to pinpoint your location and through the information you provide, will know who is requesting help.

The call taker will attempt to call you back and if you don’t answer your call, the operators at Agility will call 9-1-1 and direct law enforcement to the callers location.
The app was developed by Peter Cahill and his development group. The app was unveiled last February and is so far credited with preventing 2 rapes and 2 abductions.

You can learn more about the app at

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