Man Behind Bars Following Apparent Meth Bust

June 10, 2014 - One man is behind bars following an apparent meth bust on Wilson Road.

Neighbors say it has them thinking twice about who is living among them.

Karen Kibbe said she is relieved following what could have been an explosive situation on Wilson Road.

Kibbe described her neighborhood, a place she has lived for the past 43 years, as quiet and peaceful.

But that all changed Tuesday morning.

State police served a search warrant to 11367 Wilson Road and arrested 23-year-old Andrew Kifer.

Police charge Kifer with operating a meth lab, possession with intent to deliver, unlawful restraint and possessing weapons of mass destruction.

Police discovered evidence for making meth and a hand grenade. The grenade was taken away by the City of Erie Bomb Squad.

Some neighbors say there has been suspicious behavior at the home for the past six months.

One neighbor claimed that the people living inside of the home turned Christmas lights on throughout the course of the year, he suspects, as a signal to those coming to the house.

Following the arrest, neighbors say they may be able to sleep better knowing those Christmas lights will be permanently shut off.

Andrew Kifer was arraigned before a judge late this afternoon and was placed in Erie County Prison.

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