- MAY 13, 2014-- Today, the man who prosecutors say is responsible for slashing the throats of two elderly victims took the stand. Adam Brown testified in court and argued that he did not hurt the two elderly victims during the East 28th home invasion expressing his innocence. The prosecution maintained that Brown's story was ever changing. The man accused of slashing an elderly couples' throats, beating them and robbing their home denies ever causing physical harm. During testimony, Brown told the jury he was part of a five man robbery plot. He says they conspired to rob Elfreda and Frank Karmazin's house because they had a lot of money and pills. He claimed he, his cousin David and three other men worked together. He told the jury he changed his story during police interrogations and lied. Initially, he told police his cousin David asked him to move the Karmazin's SUV and the reason why Brown had blood on him during the arrest was because David had been in a fight and had gotten blood on him. He also claimed during interrogations that he never went inside of the Karmazin's house. Today, Browns story changed entirely, He said he went in the house and discovered his co-conspirator James throwing up in the kitchen. He said there was blood everywhere. He told the jury that he still got blood on him, but this time it was because he was the getaway driver and his friend got blood in the car. When asked about how he got blood on his hands, He said it was because he helped his friend James who had the couples blood already on his body from the attack. However, earlier in the day expert witnesses who tested Adam Brown's jeans determined that the DNA found matched Brown's. Closing arguments begin tomorrow morning at 930 am in front of Judge Connelly.

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