Marion Blumenthal Lazan, Holocaust Survivor, Visits Erie

- This evening at sundown begins the Holocaust Remembrance Day and spending the day in Erie is a Holocaust survivor. She is sharing her story with the community. She said it is a hard story to always retell, but Marion Blumenthal Lazan continues to share her first hand experience from the Holocaust with people all over the world.

At McDowell High School Marion Blumenthal Lazan shared her stories about the Holocaust, how she was liberated and how she continues leading a happy life after a horrific childhood. She spoke to a packed audience about what her and her family had to endure living the Holocaust, where six million European Jews were killed. She went on to tell the audience in detail about the dark times she so vividly remembers from the six and a half years in incarceration. She explains how even after being liberated her family still went through hardships, losing her dad just six weeks after leaving the camp and how she had to catch up to the proper grade in school for her age. It wasn't until she was 13 years old that she came to
America with her mom and brother and had to start over yet again.

In a memoir, “Four Perfect Peebles,” Marion shares the devastating stories of her childhood. Now, she has spoken to more than one million people about her experience. She will visit 8 different schools in the area this week and says it is vital to show people first hand what happened during the Holocaust.

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