Meadville Comedian Shares Mr Awesome

- There's a drawing by a 7 year old boy that's going viral on the internet.
The boy's self portrait has been named 'Mr Awesome".

It was created by 7 year old Calder Sloan...who was tragically electrocuted in his family's swimming pool last week, due to a faulty pool light.

Here is a picture of nationally known comedian Tammy Pescatelli of Meadville holding up a picture of "Mr Awesome".
She knew the little boy...who is the son of a TV producer who has produced some of Tammy's comedy specials.
Pescatelli is one of dozens of celebrities, athletes and political leaders who have shared the picture on Facebook and Twitter.

Now the victims parents want their son's death to be a warning to all pool owners getting ready for a summer of fun.

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