Meadville Pedestrian Accident

- March 10 2014
One elderly man was transported to Meadville Medical Center after being struck by his own vehicle around 11:30 this morning.

The incident occurred at 23030 Davison Rd and East Mead Fire Department was called to the residence. Fire department volunteers stated on scene that the 75 year old man and his wife were getting ready to leave the home when the truck failed to start. Leaving his wife in the truck the man got out to check on something and the vehicle proceeded to roll down the driveway.

While trying to step on the brake, the open door caught and knocked him to the ground allowing the truck to roll over him. The truck continued rolling coming to rest in a ditch.

The man sustained injuries to his leg and arm and was transported via ambulance. His wife, who was in the vehicle for the entire incident was unharmed and able to self extricate.

No word at this time as to the extent of the man's injuries.

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