Meet Esther in Hearts Without Homes

There are hundreds of children in the Erie area who are waiting for a loving family to call their own...

In our continuing series called Hearts Without Homes, we hope to help make that happen.

This bright young girl is Esther...she's 16 years old with a big heart full of love to give.

Besides yearning for a family of her own...Esther says she loves the violin and has been playing for the past six years...something she thanks her friends for getting her into.

Esther is so passionate about the violin she spent hours at the Warner theatre listening to the Erie philharmonic practice and even got a solo lesson of her own from first violinist Ken Johnston and conductor Daniel Meyer.

But the soothing sound of the violin isn't all Esther loses herself in...She also loves to read and write.

Although she's only 16...Esther has given a lot of thought to what she wants to do with her life...and it's something that hits close to home.

Esther doesn't get to see her siblings often...which breaks her heart.

She says she dreams about the day she gets to be a part of a family...and what she wants most this Christmas is something more substantial than material items...she wants to be loved.

She talks about how she has no family and no one to turn to.

Behind those tears is a girl needing a family...Esther explains she has a lot of friends in school but there is still a void that needs to be filled.

She wants a family that does activities together, and says she wouldn't be able to make it without one.

While listening to the Philharmonic Esther describes her ideal family...a mother, a father and a brother or sister.

If you think Esther would make a nice addition to your family services of northwestern Pennsylvania at 814-866-4500.

You could give Esther the greatest gift of all.

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