Meet Evan in Hearts Without Homes

It's time once again to profile a promising local child who needs a forever family...

This talented, well-spoken boy is Evan.

    He 15 years old and has a keen eye for detail and a deep passion for art.

    Evan has been drawing ever since he picked up his first started off as doodles but eventually turned into greatness.

    He's only done about five paintings...most of his art work that he brought with him was done by pencil, and he's proud of his creative side.

    We took a trip to the Erie Art Museum where he showed me how to express my creative side by using a camera to capture the essence of a snowflake...

    But his passion for art runs deeper than what might meet the eye.

    Evan believes that we were all made in God's image, and that's why we create... Something he learned from the Bible.

    But pictures of other people aren't the only things he draws... He sketches his perfect family.

    Evan tells me sometimes he draws the perfect family that he might not ever have...but it would be wonderful if his pictures came to life.

If you think Evan would be a good fit for your family contact Family Services of Northwestern Pennsylvania at 814-866-4500.

    You could be the one to answer Evan's prayers.



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