Members of Fort Leboeuf Community Raise Concerns About Board Memebers

- MAY 15, 2014-- Members of the Fort Leboeuf community are speaking out against school board members who they say broke the law. Patrick Long and other members of the community say school board members changed the location and time of meetings on short notice to prevent the public from attending meetings regarding the Tax Increment Financing back in 2012. He says he believes the baord broke the Sunshine Act because it changed the location of one meeting to, then president, Melvin Cross' residence but used a wrong address. Long says a month later it moved the meeting time up by an hour to prevent the public from attending. He says both these meetings were regarding the TIF. Long says the board wanted to push the TIF forward and he thinks it moved these meetings around to stop opposition from being there. Long says the board should not give money to Lord Corporation through the TIF, it should keep it to help the students. At the meeting long called for Melvin Cross and Kim Heller to step down from the board, saying they were the ones who were switching things to avoid the public. The district says it did nothing wrong. Marvin cross denied commenting on camera about the allegations but did say that they were misleading and that the board did not do anything that was illegal.


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