Millcreek School Board Discusses Budget; Keeps Food Service


APRIL 7, 2014-- It’s a long process but the Millcreek School Board is hoping to get the district back on track. The school board had BDO present a business office audit for the district to help it see where the district stands and what it can do to help lower the deficit. For this year the district is right on track for the proposed budget, but it’s the next few years that have auditors worried. The district is facing a 4 million dollar deficit for next year. Now, the board is looking into every program to see what is needed, and where they could save money. The decision to look into food services and where cuts could be made was concerning employees. At Monday nights meeting the board ultimately decided to keep Airmark on board through June of 2015, but with some compromise. The board did say the staff and hours would need to be reduced for the next year. The school board also looked into cutting the Montessori program, that could save the district more than 400,000 dollars.  But the potential loss of the program has many parents upset. The board was slated to vote on Montessori tonight but decided to postpone the vote to the end of the month so they could go through the information and other options.

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