New App Released to Teach First Aid for Pets

- January 17, 2014 - The Red Cross has released a new app to help out with your pet in case of an emergency.

It's called the Pet First Aid app and it works for the iPhone or an android phone.

The app is suited for dogs and cats, and features text, video, and pictures to help you with 25 common pet emergencies, including heat and cold issues, cardiac arrest, open wounds, car accidents, and much more.

This application allows you to create a profile for your pet, storing its tag ID numbers, photos, list of medications, and more.

Another perk is that it allows you to find pet-friendly hotels and shelters in case emergency does strike and affects the whole family, so that you're beloved pet isn't without shelter.

Red Cross officials and veterinarians tell us there are some true benefits to spending the $.99 to have this app on your phone.

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