New Citizens Address Immigration

- For many who were naturalized today it has been a long hard fought journey with roadblocks along the way.

Immigration reform has been a hot button issue and now those who are now US. citizens today tell us that there has been a long fought battle and they deserve a chance at a safe life here on American soil.

For Irene Nsabimana Jr. Friday marks a new opportunity, a fresh start.

The 23-year-old moved to the United States several years back after his family was killed in his homeland of Africa.

He escaped refugee camps and arrived with nearly nothing but a dream.

Nsabimana isn’t alone he along with nearly 100 other immigrants were naturalized today.

Recently, immigration reform has been pushed to the forefront sparking debate over the estimated 11 million undocumented illegal immigrants in the United States.

Those for it saying that immigrant workers and families should be protected and not sent back to their native country.

Today marks a lifetime highlight, a milestone that he has fought to achieve years.

And President Barack Obama told a townhall meeting on Thursday that the solution to the immigration deportation issue is an overhaul in the US. immigration system.

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