New Safety Measures In Place At Waldameer Park

Waldameer Park owner Paul Nelson and park President Steve Gorman wasted no time in addressing an incident that happened Memorial Day inside the park.

An 18 year old was cut across the throat during an altercation.
that lead to increased safety measures in the park.

It was just before closing on Memorial Day that a scuffle broke out.
An 18 year old man was slashed across the throat by a suspect with a knife.

The very next day, Waldameer officials sat down and came up with a number of safety measures that will be put into effect on park holidays, those days being Memorial Day, 4th Of July and Labor Day.

Gorman says they will have more Millcreek police officers on duty, more park security will be on duty and more security at the gates, and the ability to use metal detectors to search for weapons.

These measures will only be in place on those three holidays

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