Peek'N Peak To Launch Giant Dual Mountain Ziplines On Wednesday

- Peek’N Peak resort announces the opening of their new giant dual
Ziplines on Wednesday, august 20th. The new giant zips are now being added to the outdoor Adventure course, high in the trees, which opened this past memorial day weekend. Peek’N Peak now has one of the most outstanding outdoor adventure combinations in the region.
The giant ziplines incorpoate three, six story towers, the first at the top of the mountain, the second in the middle and the third at the bottom, in front of the sugar shack. Guests will climb to the top of the first tower that has side-by-side ziplines offering guests the opportunity to zip alongside a friend or family member, down the mountainside. The giant ziplines feature a series of two dual zips in two runs, the valleyview zipline and the timber alley zipline. Each run is approximately 1,000 feet for a total length of almost 2,000 feet. Guests can expect to reach speeds between 40-50 miles per hour on the way to the next tower.
“We are pleased to see all the excitement generated by the outdoor mountain adventure course at Peek’N Peak this summer,” said Nick Scott, Sr., President of Scott Enterprises who own Peek’N Peak resort.
"The new addition of the giant ziplines enhances the experience of the adventure course and will make Peek’N Peak a must-do family destination.”
“The giant dual ziplines are a chance to have a fun and an exhilarating experience with your family & friends. We are proud to bring this attraction to the region,” said Nick Ccott, Jr, Vice
President of Scott Enterprises.
Guests will begin their experience with a chairlift ride to the top of the mountain. Once at the top, they will climb the spiral staircase to the first tower platform, six stories above the
Ground. The first zipline run is called, valley view, affording maginificent views of the valley below. Participants will zip on dual lines, next to each other, approximately 1,000 feet to the mid
mountain tower. Then they will transfer their trolleys to the timber alley zipline run. There they will descend down a tunnel of trees to the bottom platform to complete their exhilarating experience down the mountain. “The views atop the zipline towers are absolutely beautiful. We are happy to make continual additions and investments to Peek’N Peak resort to make it a four seasons destination,” said
Chris N. Scott, Vice President of Scott Enterprises.

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