Perry 200 Honors Descendants' Families

The Perry 200 Celebration is showing their appreciation to those who built Perry's Great Lakes Fleet and gave their lives during the Battle of Lake Erie...

A lot of people are still unaware of the rich history that Erie has to offer...

    The War of 1812 is a big deal here, descendants of these brave American heroes were recognized during the memorial.

The Perry 200 commemoration commission hosted a full days worth of events at the Erie Maritime Museum...

    This was a separate event from the recent celebration of the anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie...

    Today honored those descendants' families....the brave people who built and protected the fleet in Erie, and who fought and died on its decks.

    Six family members were honored... These people could trace their roots back to those who built the fleet or fought in the war.

    Joyce Savocchio, co-chair of the Perry 200 tells us this is Erie's history...this battle 200 years ago gave Erie its start.

    Alan Fish was recognized at the ceremony... His great great great grandfather Benjamin Flemming made a contribution to secure our freedom on the Great Lakes.

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