Police Continue Probe into Credit Union Robbery

- July 22, 2014 - Millcreek Police are still working to find the credit union robber, and the CEO of Americo Federal Credit Union is speaking out about how proud she is of her staff for how they handled the robbery.

Gail Warren is the CEO of Americo Federal Credit Union, when she heard her branch at West 23rd Street was being robbed just this Monday, she said she was worried about her staff.

No one was injured in this robbery, and Warren says she's proud of how her team handled the whole ordeal. "They were very well-prepared for this and I think they handled it well. They stayed very calm and they did everything exactly as we would've hoped they would. So I'm very proud of how they handled the situation," Warren said.

The suspect demanded cash, walking away with an unknown amount of money and as Millcreek Police continue to search for him, they say the suspect may be someone who's robbed before. "They believe it may possibly be similar the same "actor" as who was involved in the fairview north west robbery a couple days ago," Captain Scott Heidt said.

This credit union is one of the most recent to be robbed and Millcreek Police say drugs can be behind this increase in robberies.

Again, no one in custody just yet, if you have any information you're asked to contact Millcreek Police at 833-7777.

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