Preliminary Hearing Held for Man Accused of Killing Neighbor


July 23, 2014 - An Erie man accused of gunning down his neighbor in a deadly fight has his day in court.

Prosecutors say Thomas shot and killed Stephon Bibbs inside of a duplex on East 27th Street. Bibbs lived upstairs and Thomas lived downstairs.

Thomas' girlfriend testified today. She said their alarm system went off the morning of the incident. She testified that Thomas heard Bibbs plotting against him. She claimed Bibbs caused a lot of trouble at the residence and had several visitors in and out of the home.

Finally, she told prosecutors she never heard a gunshot but heard Thomas screaming he had been shot. She said she still never got the full story of what happened.

The district attorney’s office says the stories do not match up and pointed out several inconsistencies in the stories provided.

Detective Sergeant Julie Kemling testified and said Thomas' story changed several times, especially during police interviews. Thomas claimed there was more than one assailant and an attack happened outside, the detective revealed bloody money was recovered from the home.

In addition, Thomas' gunshot wound to the upper thigh was nearly physically impossible by another person according to detective Kemling. The detective pointed out that it may be self-inflicted.

Thomas is facing a series of charges including homicide, robbery and aggravated assault. His trial date has not been set.





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