President Obama Lays out Budget Proposal Plan

MARCH 4, 2014- President Barack Obama unveils his 2015 budget proposal to Congress...
But it's a budget that isn't sitting well with everyone.
The budget comes at a time when President Obama's approval rating is at an all time low.
A new year means a new approach to federal spending...
The leader of the free world laying out a budget that is said to raise taxes for the wealthy and give a tax break to the poor.
Political experts say president Obama's nearly $4 trillion dollar budget will most likely be ignored by many lawmakers.
Mr. Obama wants to minimize defense spending for the U.S. Army to a record low rate.
He also focuses on transportation, highlighting a four year plan to improve bridges and roadways.
Education is also on the table...
The Commander in Chief wants to expand the “Head Start Program” for early childhood education low-income families.

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