Public Safety Expo Comes to a Close

- April 13, 2014 - For the first time ever, Erie's Bayfront Convention Center played host to a public safety expo like no other.

"It's not only networking with the other agencies, but also to interact witht the public on a more friendly basis," said Jeff Storm of the NWPA Chiefs of Police Association, which thought up the idea of this expo.

Hundreds of families made their way to the expo, meeting and learning from all different types of public safety officials who work to keep us safe.

The event is sponsored by Erie Insurance: company that says it's very important to have this kind of safety event.

"We have just as much focus on prevention as we do protection," said Rick Hinman of Erie Insurance.

Throughout the event, lots of children got to mix and mingle with everyday heroes, with some children even aspiring to have a career in public safety.

Many fire departments were represented, talking to kids and sharing their message with the community.

"To me if we were to give out all this stuff and one child does not start a fire or participate in a fire activity, we're doing our job," said Lieutenant Patrick McKellop of the Lake Shore Fire Department.

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