Reaction to Millcreek Supervisors Termination of MECA Contract for JOY Center

- May 28, 2104 - The future of the Millcreek Senior Center is up in the air after the Millcreek Supervisors decide to end the contract with the organization that currently operates the center.

They say finances are to blame for the decision to halt the contract with MECA, who gets around $103,000 annually.

The decision comes less than a year after the JOY Senior Center in Millcreek opened it's doors.

Since then, about 300 seniors participate in the different events, including monthly parties.

"Oh, I love it because I made so many new friends,” said member Delores Hartle.

Laura Eaton, MECA President, says the decision caught everyone off guard.

They now have 90 days until the official end of the contract, but the center’s future is still up in the air.

"It's very unprofessional the way this was handled,” Eaton said. “There's no way you go to a meeting about something else and find out program is ending without them meeting with you ahead of time. It was just shocking.

Supervisor John Groh says funding became an issue for the center.

They weren't able to receive state or federal funding because of a lengthy list of issues that Eaton says they were unaware of at first, but are currently working to fix.

"We didn't have a good working business model of how we're going to operate place,” said Groh. “We can't get funding from state at three day operation.”

State Representative Ryan Bizzarro has been a supporter of the JOY Center.

He says he will do what he can to help find an alternative.

"Senator Toomey's office and my office have been committed to working with township supervisors to find a more fiscally sound way of working with this, re-locating the facility, but having a senior center in Millcreek," said Representative Bizzarro.

There will be a meeting at the JOY Center on June 16th from 11am to 1pm to talk about the latest decision and their plans moving forward.

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