Recycle Your Fridge

- April 16, 2014-

For anyone looking for a quick, effective way to save on household electrical costs, having that ancient unit chugging away in the garage or basement picked up for recycling is a smart choice.
Here’s why:
* Old refrigerators can consume two or three times more energy than newer models, a lot of money for chilling a few beverages and leftovers.
Over a year’s time, having an old, secondary refrigerator removed from the home can pay off in the hundreds of dollars.

* FEPA pays a $50 incentive, and through JACO, provides all the labor of removing an old fridge or freezer, even from a basement.
All people need to do is call a toll free number and pick a convenient time.
FEPA and JACO does the rest.

* It also keeps these old clunkers out of landfills, where they turn into environmental time bombs by leaching mercury and other toxins into the environment.
Recycling is a much more effective alternative, helping people save money, and do their part to save the environment.

For a pickup:

Call 1-877-270-3521

or log on to

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