Rep Kelly Responds To Defense Cuts

- Representative Mike Kelly (R-3rd) issued the following statement today regarding the Obama administration’s proposed budget for the Department of Defense for fiscal year 2015.

According to The Washington Post, “The most startling part of the plan is the proposal to cut the active-duty Army to between 440,000 and 450,000 soldiers, from a wartime peak of 570,000 — which would reduce the force to its smallest size since before World War II.” According to The New York Times, “In shrinking the United States Army to its smallest size since 1940, Pentagon officials said Monday that they were willing to assume more risk the next time troops are called to war. But assuming more risk, they acknowledged, meant that more of those troops would probably die.”

“President Obama’s proposed budget plan is a disgrace to the brave men and women of our Armed Forces and a dangerous dishonor to the world’s most important military power which they nobly serve. By forcing a reduction of such historic proportions, these cuts to our national defense would send a signal of weakness and retreat to both our allies and our enemies abroad. They would severely hinder our ability to meet our responsibilities as the indispensable defender of peace and freedom around the globe, as well as our responsibilities to our veterans and their families here on the home front. Especially while our troops are still fighting overseas, and especially as threats to our security grow stronger and deadlier, there is virtually no good reason to adopt such a self-inflicted wound to our national defense capabilities. Yes, fiscal responsibility demands that all facets of the federal government be assessed for potential savings. However, if implemented, the White House’s budget would not solve anything but rather invite and indeed accommodate an even more chaotic world with even more ominous challenges posed by other powers eager to exploit our decline. Overall, these proposed cuts are unworthy of a superpower such as ourselves and must be opposed for the sake of a safe and secure future for our country.”

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