Rep. Kelly Supports SIMPLE Fairness Act

- U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-3rd) – a member of the House Ways and Means Committee – issued the following statement today in support of H.R. 4118, the Suspending the Individual Mandate Penalty Law Equals (SIMPLE) Fairness Act, which would delay for one year the requirement that individuals pay a tax for not maintaining “minimum essential coverage” as defined by Section 1501(b) of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

This bill was passed by the House of Representatives by a bipartisan vote of 250-160.

“Webster’s dictionary defines ‘Fair’ as ‘treating people in a way that does not favor some over others.’ Apparently, there are no dictionaries currently handy in the White House as this administration continues circumventing Congress to change the president’s health care law in ways that are horrendously unfair to hardworking Americans across our country.

“Today’s bill serves a very simple purpose: fairness for all under the law. If implemented, it would eliminate the Obamacare penalty tax on individuals in the same way that President Obama has already eliminated it for businesses.

There is no reason whatsoever why any American should be penalized for not purchasing a product he or she does not want. Furthermore, there is no good reason why relief from Obamacare should be given to big businesses but denied to workers in Western Pennsylvania and elsewhere who need it most.

This is simply a matter of decency, commonsense, and fairness.”

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