Rep Pat Harkins Suggests Another Site For Erie Rail Terminal

- State Representative Pat Harkins says he’s talked to dozens of his constituents about the proposed Erie Rail Terminal in Harborcreek, and every of one of them says the location off Walbridge Road is a bad idea.
So Representative Harkins has come up with what he calls an ideal location in East Erie.

Harkins says that the area from Franklin Avenue to East Avenue from East 12th Street to Buffalo Road would be the ideal location.
Harkins says the area already has plenty of truck terminals and is zoned for industry and has plenty of rail lines already there.

But officials from DevelopErie say the rail lines there are the problem.
Senior Vice President of DevelopErie, Katrina Smith, says the rail yards there were not considered because they are switching and exchange yards between 3 railroads, CSX, Buffalo-Pittsburgh and Norfolk Southern and re-using or obstructing these yards is not possible.

But Rep Harkins says as a government official he’ll do all he can and says he has people to work with him to help make it possible.
DevelopErie Officials say they plan on moving ahead with the Harborcreek location

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