Road to General Election for Governor Candidates Begins

- May 21, 2014 - The ballot for the November election is set following the Tuesday primary.

Governor Tom Corbett now knows he will face off with businessman Tom Wolf.

Governor Corbett is running on his “Promises Kept” campaign while Wolf is focusing on a “Fresh Start” for Pennsylvania.

Tom Wolf didn't hesitate when it came to spending money for campaign ads during the primary.

It paid off as he defeated the other three democrats on the ticket.

Michael Federici, PhD political analyst, calls his spending a “shock and aw” tactic.

Leading up to the general election, Federici says each candidate has to control the narrative.

He says Governor Corbett's job is to focus on his record, while Wolf has to say what he thinks Corbett didn't well.

Federici says this campaign may come down to money.

The general election is set for November 4th.

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