Route 24: Jento Soaps

- It's one of the cleanest routes we've ever done.

We stopped at Jento Soaps in Harborcreek.

From soap, to shampoo to baby powder, a Harborcreek woman spends her time in a makeshift lab in her basement, putting out some very clean products.

Jennie Binney made 3,247 bars of soap last year all made right in her Harborcreek basement.

Binney has been making soap for the past 14 years.

Binney makes 72 different fragrances of soap.

She starts with the oils then mixes in her other ingredients.

After the mixing, the liquid is poured into a mold where it hardens into a 4 pound block of soap.

But soap is not all that comes from her basement.

Add to that baby powder and eye pillows and you have a perfect stop for our trip along Route 24.

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