Scott Enterprises Seeks Height Varience

July 8, 2014 - Scott Enterprises overcame one of many hurdles today in front of the city's Zoning Hearing Board.

The Zoning Hearing Board voted unanimously to approve the height variance, but with one condition.

Officials from Scott Enterprises said this is just one of many obstacles they will face when it comes to their multi-million dollar project.

To move forward with Harbor Place, the 12 acre mix-used property north of the Bayfront Parkway between State and Holland Streets, Scott Enterprises needed a height variance.

Of the 20 buildings that make up the space, they needed a variance for four of them.

According to the city ordinance, properties built along the waterfront can only be fifty feet tall.

The Scotts want to build up 123 feet six inches for two hotels and 63.6 inches for two commercial buildings.

The variance passed with a condition that for each additional square foot of real estate created by the height variance, an additional square foot of open face to be dedicated to public excluding parking lots.

Architect Brian Weber from Weber, Murphy Fox said they faced challenges with the space along the water because they cannot create underground spaces like parking or storage.

Weber said they have the community's interest in mind by building up to only build on 45 percent of the land versus 65 percent.

Some did speak against the height variance, including Attorney John Mahler, who wrote on behalf of the 100 State Street Condiominium Association.
The city wants to see tax-able properties along the Bayfront.

Harbor Place will generate $3 million in taxes annually.

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