Scott Schroat Files Appeal

July 1, 2014 - The man who pleaded guilty to choking and stabbing a five-year-old girl and hiding her body filed an appeal in the case. A hearing was held this morning on behalf of Scott Schroat who admitted to killing Lila Ebright back in 1992, just days before her sixth birthday.

Last June, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that mandatory life sentences without parole are not constitutional for defendants who were convicted of murder as juveniles. So, Schroat filed an appeal, since he was 17 when the crime was committed. Schroat's appeal means the Superior Court will reinstate his appellate rights, but this will not change how long he will spend behind bars. 

The Public Defender’s office confirms an appeal was missed and that is why the case has gotten this far. However, this will not throw out his sentence.

Schroat did not appear in court.

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