Senate Passes Casey Resolution Ahead of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week

- With Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week approaching, the U.S. Senate passed, via Unanimous Consent, a resolution sponsored by Bob Casey (D-PA) with Senators Susan Collins (R-ME), Ed Markey (D-MA), Mike Johanns (R-NE), Johnny Isakson (R-GA), and Sherrod Brown (D-OH), calling for awareness of a devastating disease that impacts millions worldwide, including thousands of American children.

“Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable disease, capable of affecting people around the world with little notice and few symptoms,” Senator Casey said. “The volatile nature of MS makes it all the more critical to be aware of its warning signs and the challenges presented to those who face the disease. With this resolution, we offer our support to those fighting MS and the families who care for them so selflessly.”

The full text of Casey’s resolution can be seen below:
Expressing support for the goals and ideals of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week.
Whereas multiple sclerosis (MS) can impact people of all ages, races and ethnicities;
Whereas MS is 2 to 3 times more common in women than in men;
Whereas multiple sclerosis is not directly inherited, studies show there are genetic and, probably, environmental, ethnic, and geographic factors that make certain individuals more susceptible to the disease;
Whereas worldwide, there are approximately 2,300,000 people who have been diagnosed with MS;
Whereas MS is typically diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, however, it is estimated that between 8,000 and 10,000 children and adolescents in the United States are living with MS;
Whereas MS is an unpredictable neurological disease that interrupts the flow of information within the brain and between the brain and the rest of the body;
Whereas symptoms of MS range from numbness and tingling in the extremities to blindness and paralysis, and the progress, severity, and specific symptoms of MS in any affected individual cannot yet be predicted;
Whereas there is no single laboratory test available that provides a definitive diagnosis for MS;
Whereas the exact cause of MS is still unknown, and there is no cure;
Whereas the Multiple Sclerosis Coalition, a national network of independent organizations dedicated to enhancing quality of life for all those affected by MS , recognizes and supports Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week during March of every year;
Whereas the mission of the Multiple Sclerosis Coalition is to enhance cooperation among organizations to provide greater benefits to individuals and families affected by MS;
Whereas the goals of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week are to invite people to join the movement to end MS, encourage people to demonstrate their commitment to moving toward a world free from MS , and acknowledge those who have dedicated their time and talent to advancing MS research and programs; and
Whereas this year Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week is being recognized during the week of March 3, 2014, through March 9, 2014: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the Senate --
(1) supports the goals and ideals of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week;
(2) supports promoting awareness of individuals who are affected by multiple sclerosis;
(3) encourages States, localities, and the territories and possessions of the United States to support the goals and ideals of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week by issuing proclamations designating March 3, 2014, through March 9, 2014, as Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week
(4) commends the efforts of the States, localities, and the territories and possessions of the United States to support the goals and ideals of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week;
(5) encourages media organizations to participate in Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week by educating to the public about multiple sclerosis;
(6) recognizes and reaffirms the commitment of the United States to ending multiple sclerosis by supporting multiple sclerosis research and education programs;
(7) supports all individuals in the United States living with multiple sclerosis;
(8) expresses gratitude to the family and friends of individuals living with multiple sclerosis, who are a source of love and encouragement to those individuals; and
(9) salutes the health care professionals and medical researchers who--
(A) provide assistance to individuals affected by multiple sclerosis; and
(B) continue to work towards finding new ways to stop the progression of the disease, treat its symptoms, and end multiple sclerosis forever

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