Smith Provision Is Made In America

Published 06/29 2014 09:31PM

Updated 06/29 2014 09:55PM

This weeks Made In America takes us to a business that produces a product that a lot of us have tasted over the years.
Smith Provision Company makes those well known Smith Hot Dogs, but that's just one of the products that comes from this business.
  Besides those delicious "dogs", Smiths produces hams and sausages and ox roast.

Owner John Weber says he hears it a lot. He says some people tell him they make the best hot dogs in North America.
Smith's has been in business since 1927. The company is owned by John and Mike Weber.

Smith's purchases only the finest beef and pork and still use the same seasoning the company has been using since the 1940's.

You know people are eating those famous hot dogs. Smith's puts out 18 to 20 million hot dogs a year, each one made in America, made right here

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