Springtime Safety Tips for Pets and Pet Owners

- Spring is here and summer is right around the corner.

Warmer weather and longer days bring more adventures and greater dangers for curious pets and unknowing pet owners.

As pet owners enjoy the great outdoors with their pets it is important to keep in mind that more time spent outdoors presents a multitude of risks to our pets and ourselves.

Outdoor hazards include:

· Fertilizers and various garden products – keeping your plants and lawns green and healthy may have the opposite effect on your pet

· Poisonous Plants – many springtime plants are toxic and can be fatal if eaten

· Pollens - like humans, pets can be allergic to pollens

· Bugs - spring showers bring flowers but also bugs, protect your pet and home against fleas and ticks

Also, some pet owners use oral parasiticide products to protect their animal from parasites.

Unfortunately, oral products require these dangerous parasites to bite your pet in order to die, meaning it has to feed on your pet’s blood in order to be killed!

Repellency is a key factor in helping protect your pet from biting parasites.

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