State-wide Ban on Texting while Driving

No doubt you've seen people behind the wheel of their car texting and driving.

That's about to change.

Governor Tom Corbett is expected to sign a state wide bill into law tomorrow that will ban texting while driving.

Some say it's long overdue.

The City of Erie already has a ban on using a mobile device including talking, texting or emailing while driving.

It's been a secondary offense in the city since 2009.

But Govoner Corbett is set to ban texting while driving across the state - and it will be a primary offense.

McDowell High School Driver's Education teacher says students have a tough time putting their phones down.

Texting may be a new generation obsession, but it's affecting everyone.

It's a bill that many people say will help drivers realize the severity of taking their focus off the road.

Governor Corbett is expected to sign the bill tomorrow at a cell phone store in Camp Hill.

The law won't go into affect until March.

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