Students Set to Take PSSAs

- March 17, 2014 - Kids grades three through eight are busy this week preparing to take the PSSAs to measure their math, reading, and science skills.

In years past, the weeks leading up to the test were full of cram sessions and extra classes devoted to PSSA review; however, things have changed now.

The state has implemented common core standards -- which means there is a deeper focus on reaching more specific standards dealing with reading, math, and the sciences.

Instead of learning specific things leading up to the test for the test, students are learning specific things all year long so that they can all be on the same page by time the school year comes to a close.

We talked to Erie school district and Erie Rise Leadership Academy officials and they say the new approach the schools are taking in teaching students throughout the year is similar in schools across the board and that even though those cram sessions aren't really the norm this year, the success of the students remains a top priority.

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