Summer Radio Station Promotions Attract Listeners

- Summer is typically the time radio stations run promotions to attract listeners, and Erie radio has some unusual promotions running right now.

Happi 92.7 selected 8 people to sit in it to win it. The 8 were placed in 2 Chevy Sparks where they sit in the cars for 16 hours a day. The last one left drives one the cars home.

There were originally 8 contestants but that soon went to 4. As of late this afternoon, only 3 people were left sitting in the cars.

At Connoisseur radio, home to Star 104 and Bob FM , listeners can look for gift certificates that are hidden around Erie and Millcreek, each one of those certificates are worth $100.00

BOB FM listeners also have a chance to win a flagpole package that will be given away on Flag Day. The winner will get a flagpole, the flag and lighting.

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