SVC Hosts Annual Save the Villa Chapel Update

- April 20, 2014 - The Villa Chapel has stood at the corner of 9th and Plum Streets for almost a century, but the future of the building is unsure.

"As the building gets less and less viable - maybe something falls off - then they have a reason to knock it down. So that's what we're fearful of. It's sort of like silence implies consent," said Lisa Austin, member of the Save the Villa Chapel committee.

To break the silence, the SVC committee is making its case on Easter Sunday - for the tenth year in a row - as to why this chapel needs to remain a fixture in the community.

"It's a treasure that Erieites should not allow to disappear," said Barbara Crone, another member of the SVC committee.

There's been a recent change in ownership of the building with HANDS - Housing And Neighborhood Development Service - now having the majority share of the chapel.

Now, questions linger as to what will be done with the historic site.

"Are you going to fix the roof or are you going to stabilize the structure, or are you going to let it deteriorate and basically demolish it by neglect?" asked Crone.

Members are now waiting patiently to hear from HANDS as to what that organization might have planned for the future of the building.

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