Swimming Restriction in Place

- Effective Monday, July 14th, 2014 at 12:15 PM a “Swimming Advisory” is on Beach #1 (400), Beach #6 (360), Beach #7 (350), Beach #8 (630), the Mill Road Beaches (390) and Beach #11 (280).

There is “Restricted Swimming: at Barracks Beach with a count of 1,100.

For public safety, testing of swimming waters is performed twice weekly. According to Erie County Department of Health protocol, if E. coli counts are between 235 and 999 per 100 milliliters of water, a Swimming Advisory is posted on that beach.

Testing has begun and will be performed daily. A Precautionary Swimming Advisory will remain until a bacteria count of 235 or less is obtained. Beach areas posted under a Precautionary Swimming Advisory are still open to the public for swimming, sunbathing and other recreational opportunities.

During a Swimming Advisory, to reduce the risk of illness, it is recommended that beach users take the following precautions:
•Avoid swallowing lake water.
•Wash your hands before handling food.
•Avoid swimming with an open cut or wound, or if you are experiencing an illness.
•Minimize water contact if lake levels are high, heavy rains have just ended, or strong winds are blowing from the west.

Presque Isle has thirteen regulated swimming beaches. The beaches are all open and are available for swimming from 10 or noon until 7:30 PM daily, except for Barracks Beach, which is “Restricted Swimming

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